Wrecking My Journal!

The idea of this book is to wreck the absolute crap out of it. I've seen some that are full of colour and burst at the seams. That is not my style..

I love a beautiful book. A small, bulky book with a hard cover and dust jacket is the dream! I will cherish a new book and keep it neat for as long as possible. So opening up this neat little treasure and scribbling my pen across the page was quite an unnatural feeling but way more exciting then I had anticipated!

I'm never going to rip it to pieces, it will never be a wild mess. That just isn't my style. I think its beautiful even if it is extremely neat.

I've never seen another wrecked journal quite like mine and that makes me a very happy lady.


Moonrise Kingdom - Cross Stitch

I'm extremely in love with Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. When I was the age of Sam and Suzy I would dream of living alone in the woods, I would very often pack bags full of non essential items. Stuffed toys, books, notebooks and pens.. all very important at the time! Possibly my toothbrush and a pair of underwear if I was feeling very practical! Just like Suzy, my cat would be along for the ride too. Ready for my big adventure.. I would only ever make it to the back garden! When I watch this film, I go straight back to how I felt at that time! Dreaming of a big adventure, that naive thinking that I only needed my colouring pens and my cat to live my life and be happy. Its nice to escape back to that mindset every so often. 

I thought their unique style and all their cute accessories would work so well in a cross stitch and how right I was! Most definitely one of my favourite cross stitches I've ever done. 



Sam - So, What do you want to be when you grow up?Suzy - I don't know...I want to go on adventures I think - Not get stuck in one place. How about you? Sam - Go on adventures too, Not get stuck too..


Grumpy Cat Phone Case.

I am a fan of cats, anyone who knows me will know this! I have recently fallen in love with grumpy cat, If I was a cat I would have a face like his. So because of this I have made this amazing tutorial on how to create your very own Tardar sauce (Grumpy cat) phone case! I can hear the applause and cheering now!