Grumpy Cat Phone Case.

I am a fan of cats, anyone who knows me will know this! I have recently fallen in love with grumpy cat, If I was a cat I would have a face like his. So because of this I have made this amazing tutorial on how to create your very own Tardar sauce (Grumpy cat) phone case! I can hear the applause and cheering now! 

Materials needed

  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Felt in the grumpy cat colours - see below
  • Needle and Thread - Match colours to felt
  • Your phone - To measure (All cases will be different depending on your phone)

1. Cut out the back and front.

I take my phone and put it on the felt, draw around the phone leaving about a centimetre and a half. I have used this technique for all of my phone cases and they fit perfectly!

2. Cut brown eye patches.
When I did this I cut a template out of paper to make them perfect but ended up making adjustments anyway! These will determine how big grumpy cats face is, you can change them to suit you but be warned! The smaller you go be more fiddly it will get!

3. Cut small dark brown circles for fur colouring.
I cut two small brown circles for the colouring in the corner of his eyes. Again, These can be any sizes depending on your preferences.

4. Cutting the eyes.
I first cut two blue half circles for the eyes, Place one corner in the centre of the dark brown circle this will centre the eyes. 

I cut a piece of black felt the same size as the blue, then I cut it into the eye shape above. This is very delicate so you could try stitching the black detail on. Later I stitch all across this piece of felt to secure it.

5. Cutting the nose.
I placed a piece of white felt behind the eye patches so i could sketch out a rough template underneath. I added a little point at the top to look like fur. 

All of the Pieces are now cut and ready to be stitched on.
To stitch them on I used the same colour thread as all of the felt shapes.I used Black to stitch to frame the eye and for his grumpy little mouth!

6. Stitching the sides together,

Turn the front piece the other way round (so you can see the back) to start stitching the two pieces together. I used my phone as a guide and place it in-between to see how far in I will need to stitch. I always stitch the bottom and then the sides, its just a habit but stitching from one side right the way round will work just as well! 

I always look the material at the top of the case (as seen in the pictures below) to make sure there is no opening at the top of the case.

Once Completely stitched all the way around you can turn it inside out. When turning a case made out of felt inside it can be a little tough, If you have stitched it well enough you shouldn't be afraid to really tug it around to get the final shape, It will hold together!

and there you go, all finished! Enjoy people! If you gave it a go leave me an comment down below, i would love it hear how it went!